Horses Sold

Horses Sold

Sale Horses

  • Country Custom, sold to Rancho Oso Rio

  • Spook Off Sparks, sold to Arcese Quarter Horses

  • Cashin The Big Chex, sold to Rancho Oso Rio

  • Designed By Gunner, agent Doug Carpenter

  • Vintage Neptune, sold to Jenny Loveland

  • Wimpys Gal Gone Wild, sold to Susan Lathrom

    Chics Loaded Gun, sold to Gaylene Sawchuk

  • Taris Favorite Trick, sold to Tammi Nelson

    Rio Dun Good, sold to Lian & Henry Roche

  • Custom Smart Olena, sold to Joe Moran agent Tracer Gilson

  • Memorable Steps, Gayle Samuelson

  • That Guysa Star, Jill George

  • Steady Like A Star, Pat Warren

  • Custom Spook, Rancho Oso Rio Jim & Pat Warren


  • Colonels Shining Gun, Roleski Ranch

  • Smart Chinas Chic, sold to Lian & Henry Roche

  • Dun It To Rein, sold to Lian & Henry Roche

  • Rosalie Dillion, sold to Lian & Henry Roche

  • Lena Dun It, sold to Lian & Henry Roche

  • Brennas Dream, sold to Jim & Pat Warren agent Casey Hinton

  • Genuine Chic Please, sold to Wagonhound Land and Livestock

  • Sweet N Custom, sold to Kelly Moran

  • Gunsmokes Ricochet, agent Tim Shelley

  • Quotacrome, Jim and Pat Warren

  • RR Hi Ho Star, sold to Katarzyna Roleska

  • Reverse The Chex, Einsteins Revolution X Chexy Dunit, sold to Lian & Henry Roche

  • 2009 palomino filly. Big Chex To Cash X Vintage Dunit, sold to Lian & Henry Roche

  • Snips Mastermind, sold to Steffen Breug

  • So Electric, agent Tim Shelley

  • Reining Whiz, sold to BNE Syndicate, in training with Brent Naylor

  • Nick Tuck, sold to Day Creek Ranch

  • SLJ Smart Doc, sold to Katarzyna Roleska

  • Custom Spook, sold to B&L Holdings

  • Kaystein, sold to Roy de Bruin

  • Custom Slidetracks, sold to 23 Partnership

  • Snips Mastermind, sold to Virginia Langley

  • Cromed Out Mercedes, sold to Bob Loomis

  • Nimble Star Wars, sold to Corina Schumacher

  • Shiner Olena, sold to Katarzyna Roleska

  • Wimpys Little Buddy, sold to Kim Dooley

  • Custom Casino, sold to Bob Thompson / Lisa Coulter

  • Cromed Plated Step, sold to Dwayne Copus

  • Bettin On Big Chex, sold to Moises Murillo

  • Shes A Smoking Gunner, sold to Moises Murillo

  • Custom Chexy Nic, sold to Susan Lathrom

  • Gold Pine Starbuck, sold to xxx